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Why Choose Qwest Property Management?

In a word, “Experience!” Qwest Property Management is one of the oldest residential property Management Companies in Grand Rapids with over 30 plus years of combined property management experience. For a landlord or investor who is considering to hire a property management company, we cannot overemphasize how important it is to hire a company with experience. Grand Rapids has seen tremendous growth in the property management industry over the last 10 years and it seems there are new management companies starting all the time. When you choose a doctor, lawyer, financial planner or CPA, it is wise to hire one with experience. The same level of care and consideration should be taken when hiring a property manager as well.

Additionally, we provide our clients and tenants with best-in-class customer service. 99% of our clients stay with us until they either sell or move back into their property. Click here to view testimonials from both our clients and tenants.

If you would like to own rental property and build long-term wealth, but have little interest in the headaches associated with being a landlord. Then Qwest Property Management is your best option. We specialize in offering our clients a turn-key, hands off and hassle free solution for those owners who prefer to only be involved with the most important matters relating to the management and leasing of their properties.

What guarantees do you offer?
Try us for 90-days!! We are so certain you will love our Property Management Services we offer you a 90-day guarantee. If by the 90th day with our company you are not completely satisfied, we’ll end your management contract without penalty and refund your management fees! 

Guaranteed tenants for the first 6 months!! If any tenants we place into your property should move out or break their lease for any reason during the first 6 months, we will waive our normal leasing fee and re-rent your property to new tenants FOR FREE!!

Do you offer a discount for clients with multiple properties?

Yes we do!! However, this is subject to a case by case assessment of the particular properties or portfolio. Please click here to view our pricing for our Grand Rapids Property Management Services.

How are maintenance and repairs handled?

We cannot overemphasize how important proper maintenance execution and controlling costs are to your success as a landlord/investor. Many of our clients started out working with other Grand Rapids Property Management Companies prior to hiring Qwest Property Management. They found themselves unsatisfied simply because other management companies maintenance costs are too expensive. Unfortunately this is not something you will discover during the interviewing process, but will come to light once repairs are necessary to your property. The problem is the majority of Grand Rapids Property Management Companies will either have their own in-house maintenance division or they will sub contract maintenance and repairs and then add a surcharge to the contractors invoice. The owner is the billed for the up charged amount. At Qwest Property Management we do not have an in-house maintenance company and we do not add a surcharge to contractor’s invoices. Therefore, at Qwest Property Management you are only charged for the contractors invoiced amount.

Will you use my Home Warranty Company, such as American Home Shield?
No. We will not use American Home Shield or any other Warranty Company for any repair issues at your property under any circumstance. If you have a Home Warranty and wish to use it, you’ll have to hire a different management company.

By working through a Home Warranty Company it takes the repair and maintenance coordination out of our direct control. If, as a property management company, we wanted to damage our reputation with as many tenants as possible by providing the worst maintenance response imaginable, we can think of no better way to accomplish that than by using American Home Shield. They simply are not compatible with the level of service we demand of our contractors, and they don’t make the cut to be one of our preferred vendors. We have been burned so many times in the past that we finally decided we’d had enough!

Can I work on my property or will you use my brother-in-law/favorite plumber/contractor, he’s fairly handy?
No. We only use our preferred vendors. For liability reasons we are not able to use your friends or relatives to perform work on your home. (See below for further explanation)

Why are repairs and maintenance so important?
Nothing affects the landlord/investors long-term success and the reputation of a property management company more than the manner in which repairs are handled. Residents judge us by almost no other measure. When maintenance and repairs are not handled appropriately, there is a negative ripple effect put into motion which will cause more work for the Management Company and higher incurred expenses to the landlord/investor. It therefore makes little sense to entrust contractors we do not know, whom we have no relationship with or control over, with the reputation of our company and the relationship with our resident. Instead, when repairs are needed, we will send our trusted contractors with whom established relationships and excellent communication exists, and will provide the quality service we require in a professional and timely manner. 

Remember, all money flows from your residents. Happy residents pay their rent and stay enthused to care for your property. If you as the landlord do not properly maintain your property, how can you expect a resident to properly care for your property? The landlord/Property Manager must set the expectation for the resident to follow. Make sure you hold yourself to a high standard before you expect your residents to display the same standard.

How long does it take to lease my Grand Rapids Rental Property?
While each property is different, many factors come into play when marketing a property for rent. Quick turnovers are important as vacancies are expensive. But, we are also committed to filling our units with quality residents. This is why we generally begin the marketing process during the last 30-days of the current residents lease. By pre-leasing the unit we’ll typically have new residents approved and lined up to move in soon after the existing residents lease expires. It is rare that vacancies go longer than 30-days.

How do you screen residents for my rental home?

Resident screening is critical. All adult occupants are required to complete our application process. We check credit, criminal background, national eviction search, income verification and rental history. With our thorough screening process and stringent requirements we greatly reduce our clients risk for possible non-payment or other default by the residents.

You can find more information regarding the importance of good resident screening by watching our blog video, "Tenant Screening: Best Practices for Property Management in Grand Rapids, MI"

How often will my Grand Rapids Rental Property be inspected?

We administer move-in and move-out property condition reviews with video documentation. We conduct a walkthrough of the property approximately 90-day in advance of the residents lease expiration for assessment and review. Additionally we change furnace filters 2-4 times per year and if the residents have pets we conduct two pet reviews per 12-month lease. Our contractors are also trained to report back to management any concerns regarding the property or residents when they are on-site. And, unlike many of our competitors, all of the aforementioned reviews or assessments are apart of our management services included in the monthly management fee. You will not be charged an additional fee for an "Annual Inspection".

How do you handle city rental certification inspections?
We coordinate all initial city required inspections/re-inspections and related required repairs as part of our full-service monthly management fee. 99% of the time we do not have any additional fees related to the city certification process. However, if after the initial inspection and issued list of repairs is reviewed and it is extensive to the point in which our client is requesting we go in front of the appeals board to either ask for a time extension or dispute a particular repair item(s). You can expect that we will assess our hourly fee for our additional time into the process. Again, this is not typical and will likely never come up. However, if the owner request to go through the appeal process, this is considered outside of the “normal” scope of management.

What if I want to sell my Grand Rapids Rental Property?

While your property is being managed within our rental portfolio, you can expect that we will always move to sign a new lease with residents, unless you have expressed a desire to sell the property. At that time we will discuss a plan of action to get you and the property in the best position for the sale. Typically our clients will have Qwest Realty Consultants, our sales division, list the property for sale on the MLS.

Do you charge a monthly management fee if my property is vacant?
No. Our management fee is only charged during any month when a resident has occupied the property. However, if the vacancy is a result of the owners directive then a minimal fee is charged as vacant properties are often times more work than occupied properties.

Do you charge an extra fee if you need to evict a tenant?
No. Qwest Property Management does not charge any additional fees for the eviction process. We consider the coordination of these events to be included in the monthly management fee. However, any court costs, process server fees, or attorney fees are treated like any other expense to the property.

How do I receive our rent payments?
Funds are directly deposited right into your bank account at the same time you receive your monthly statement.

Do you allow pets in your rental units?
Generally we encourage our clients to allow us to market our properties to residents with pets. Of course, all pets are subject to our application criteria which restricts aggressive breed dogs, etc. By not accepting pets you limit the number of potential great residents which could rent the property and could cause longer vacancy periods. We do increase the rental rate $25/per month/per pet. Ultimately if you do not want to allow pets, we will honor that request (unless the residents pet is a service animal, then by law a landlord cannot deny the pet).

What type of properties do you manage?
Single family homes, condos, duplexes, townhouses and apartments.

How soon can you start managing my property?
As soon as you are ready to move forward and our new client document package is received, we’ll get started!

For more information about Grand Rapids Property Management, please visit our educational blog.

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