FREE Client Guarantees Package

Peace of Mind Our Clients Deserve!

We believe in our team and the services we provide which is why we offer the best protection and guarantees in the business.

Results Guarantee

With Qwest Property Management you will not pay us anything until we perform and lease your property. We market your property, screen the tenants, do a move-in inspection, and execute the lease…..all before we are paid anything.

FREE Eviction Protection Guarantee

Qwest Property Management guarantees all Tenants that our company screens and places into your property. And, if a Tenant that our company places should end in eviction for non-payment within the first 18 months of their tenancy. Qwest Property Management will pay up to $500.00 in legal and court costs, and we will re-lease the property for free by waiving the standard leasing fee.

FREE $3,000 Pet Protection Guarantee

Qwest Property Management guarantees our Clients up to $3,000.00 in damage protection for any pet damage done to the interior of the property above and beyond what the security deposit covers!

No Maintenance Up-Charge Guarantee

Qwest Property Management guarantees our Clients that they will pay only the amount that our 3rd party contractors charge for the work performed on their property. Qwest Property Management will not up-charge vendor's invoices unlike many other management company’s in Grand Rapids!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Qwest Property Management provides excellent customer service and results for our Clients. If at any time, you do not feel satisfied with the service we are providing. Our Clients can cancel our management agreement with a 30-day notice. You are not locked into a long-term contract because we are confident that you will be more than satisfied with our results! 

Contact us today and be a stress free real estate investor tomorrow!

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