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About Qwest Property Management

Proudly Serving Grand Rapids & Surrounding Areas

Since 2005, Qwest Property Management has been the premier residential property management company serving Grand Rapids and the surrounding West Michigan market. We provide our clients with a turn-key no hassle solution for owning income producing rental properties. Whether you own a single family home, townhouse, multi-unit apartments, or condo. We can help you be a successful real estate investor versus a frustrated landlord. Our clients range from homeowners with a single rental property to foreign investors who own multiple properties. Additionally we offer brokerage services assisting our clients with selling properties or identifying and securing new property acquisitions.

Services For Owners Services For Residents

Straight from Our Clients

Great company, highly recommended. Qwest has been managing my rental property for approx. two years now and I couldn't be any more pleased. Kevin and his team are great: professional, efficient, knowledgeable and reliable. I live in the East coast and Qwest manages my rental property in Michigan with minimal involvement required from me, which is perfect! If you want to rent a property, call Qwest and let their professionals manage it for you.
- Yvonne V. (client)
Qwest and Kevin are a life saver! Qwest has managed my property for years and I have had no issues. It has made my life as a property owner so much better because using them takes away all of the headaches of finding good quality tenants, collection of rent and dealing with property maintenance. I was ready to throw in the towel as a landlord when I decided to try one last attempt at it by hiring a property manager and found Qwest. Kevin takes pride in...
- Jamie P. (client)
Having rented from a few different property management companies in the Grand Rapids area over the last 5 years, Qwest property management has certainly been one of the better companies. Management has been professional, they communicate well, and maintenance requests are addressed promptly. Overall, I have been pleased with my experience and I would recommend them to future tenants.
- Kevin W. (resident)
I met Kevin (the owner) at the Rental Property Owners Association several months ago. When I closed on a house in late October and couldn't get it rented on my own and started to worry I gave Kevin a call. He personally visited the property. He went over the place room by room, explained what he thought the target rental rates should be for the neighborhood/style of house and demographics and explained the whole contract details with me clearly like I was a...
-Sean L. (Client)
I have been using Qwest for all of my property needs for the past couple of years. The service and attention to detail has been exceptional. They are the most trustworthy and capable property management company that I have ever used. I highly recommend their service.
-Glen K. (Client)
We have two properties in Grand Rapids that are managed by Qwest Property Management and would highly recommend their services! We currently live out-of-state and needed someone we could trust to 1) manage all aspects of finding quality tenants, 2) Be our eyes and ears for all maintenance matters, as well as prepare all rental/state/code paperwork and 3) Offer us a peace of mind that we could trust them! After a botched experience with another company in Lansing...
-Hanh N.
Qwest is a very nice company to work with. Kevin takes control of the entire rental process and as an owner; you don't have to do anything! Kevin handles all the paperwork and sends you a monthly statement. Rental money is automatically deposited to any account you want. It really is that easy! Great job Kevin! After reading the other reviews here, I just have to say Kevin keeps you informed about your property and you will never be surprised by any issues. Our...
-Rohn K. (Client)
Kevin and his company Qwest Property Management took over the management of our rental house nearly four years ago and it has been a huge relief knowing the the renter's needs are taken care of, that the rent is collected every month, that all of the maintenance issues are taken care of, and that the property remains up to code. The two units have been kept occupied and the fee is very reasonable. While I have not utilized other property management companies for comparison, I am completely satisfied with the service.
-Orin R. (Client)
Currently working with Qwest PM and have nothing but great things to say about this company. They have been renting out my house for over a year and I never have to worry about the property. I live in Chicago so its a huge relief that my new house is taken care of. They work with me based on my individual needs and what my future plans are. They ensure there Tenants pay on time and are on top of the customer needs, ensuring everything is update and they are comfortable. I greatly appreciate there business and would highly recommend there service.
Marc N. (Client)
Kevin/Qwest took care of our rental for over three years and we could not be happier. He is professional, thorough, prompt and dependable. Always responsive to any questions we may have. Monthly statements kept us informed, and checks were always on time. Our property looked no different after three years of rental than it did when we first rented it out. I couldn't give a higher recommendation.
Philip S. (Client)
Kevin and Qwest property management have been managing my property since 2012. During that time I have experienced nothing but excellent service from Kevin and his team. Anytime there is an issue with the rental we are notified in a timely manner with the details, options to address the problem, and the cost to do so. With Kevin and his team at Qwest property management, My wife and I never worry about our property or how it is being taken care of. I would recommend them to anyone looking to rent their home.
Joe T. (Client)
My rental experience with Qwest Property Management has been excellent. Kevin's professionalism and attention to detail far exceeds that of any rental company or complex that I have used in the past. Any maintenance issues were quickly repaired and the communication between myself and Qwest was always prompt. I highly recommend using Qwest as both a management company for your property or as a lessee.
Sara J. (Resident)

Why Partner With Us As Your Grand Rapids Property Manager

In a word, “Experience!” Qwest Property Management is the most trusted and established residential property Management Company in Grand Rapids with over 30 plus years of combined property management experience. For the landlord or investor who is considering a property management company, we cannot overemphasize how important it is to partner with a company that has the expertise gained from years of experience. Grand Rapids has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the property management industry over the years with many new and inexperienced management companies entering the market. When you choose a doctor, lawyer, financial planner or CPA, it is wise to seek out professionals with experience and expertise in their field. The same level of care and consideration should be taken when partnering with a property manager as well.

There is only one Grand Rapids property management company that offers landlords and investors so much. And, we back this up with the most extensive guarantees available in our service market! Our FREE Client Guarantees Package. This includes our Results Guarantee, FREE Eviction Protection Guarantee, FREE $3,000 Pet Protection Guarantee, No Maintenance Up-Charge Guarantee, and our Satisfaction Guarantee. 

Additionally, we provide our clients and tenants with best-in-class customer service. 99% of our clients stay with us until they either sell or move back into their property. Click here to view testimonials from both our clients and tenants.


We conduct an extensive screening on any potential tenants at no additional cost to you and handle everything, from moving your qualified tenant in, to rent collection, to maintenance.

Inspections & maintenance

We conduct inspections upon move-in and move-out that include video documentation of the property’s condition. Additionally, we conduct a walkthrough assessment 90-days prior to tenants lease expiration and if the tenants have pets. We conduct 2 on-site pet reviews each year. While your property is occupied, we conduct routine inspections to ensure that issues are addressed in a timely manner and resolved to keep your investment in excellent condition. We provide our residents and clients with 24/7 maintenance services for absolute peace of mind and asset protection.


Filling a vacant unit quickly is critical. Vacancy can be the most expensive cost to a property owner. Our marketing efforts, combined with our screening process delivers our clients the highest quality renters. Additionally, Qwest Property Management is the only property management company in Grand Rapids who answers leasing calls live till 8pm on weekdays and 5pm on weekends. Our proactive marketing approach is a significant advantage for our clients. The results are better quality residents and shorter (if any) vacancy periods.


In the unfortunate event that a tenant needs to be evicted from your rental, we will handle the process from start to finish and work to get a new tenant into your investment as quickly as possible.

There are many more reasons why we are the proven choice for Grand Rapids property management and we are happy to discuss with you. To get started, simply complete the form to the right and we will give you a free, no obligation rental analysis of your investment.

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