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Why should I rent from Qwest Property Management?
We truly care about our residents! We are honored to provide quality housing for our residents and community. And, equally honored to serve you when you choose to live in a property managed by Qwest Property Management. 

Here are a few other reasons:
We stay on top of the latest technology to make your renting experience as easy and professional as possible.
We are available 24/7 to handle emergency maintenance repairs.
We use professional vendors (painters, handymen, plumbers, etc.) to ensure your property is in good condition. 
We inspect the work performed to ensure everything is ready before you move in. 
We take a detailed move-in condition video for proper documentation of the beginning condition of your rental. This protects your security deposit.
Before moving into the property, when you sign your lease, you have a meeting with your property manager to go over all the details of the lease to ensure you fully understand terms and are aware of our expectations moving forward. This puts you in the best position for success from the very beginning of the landlord/resident relationship.

How do I apply to rent a property and what do you check on the rental application?

All applicants who are 18 years old or older must apply and pay a $40.00 application fee. If a co-signer is needed, the co-signer must also apply and pay the $40.00 application fee as well. Please click here to view our online application and rental criteria.

How long can you hold a property for me once my application is approved?
How long can you hold a property for me once my application is approved? No rental property will be held vacant at the applicant(s) request. If your application has been approved and you have officially been offered the rental unit. You will be expected to sign the lease electronically via your online portal and pay all of the initial move in costs immediately. We will not hold the rental unit for an applicant who is not willing or able to sign the lease and pay the initial move in costs immediately. We do not offer the option to "hold" the property with a holding fee or deposit of any kind. The only way to lock up the property for yourself is to sign the lease and pay the initial move in costs. It may be possible that the actual lease start date can be a different date than the date that the lease will be signed. But, that is not guaranteed and any request for such delay, will be considered on a case by case basis and the request should be made prior to the applicant applying. Typically, the lease start date must be within 14 days from when the applicant(s) submit their application(s). Applications are considered "processed" as soon as they are submitted and so, ALL APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

What is the Resident Benefits Package?

Qwest Property Management is proud to offer our residents a Resident Benefits Package which was designed to provide protection and convenience to our residents. All lease agreements and Residents with Qwest Property Management are automatically enrolled in our Resident Benefits Package. Here is a link to the Resident Benefits Package page with all the details for what is included.

I am a smoker. Can I smoke in your rental homes or apartments?

No. Qwest Property Management does not permit smoking inside of our rental units. If you (or any of your guests) smoke, you must be 100% outside of the property and far enough from any neighboring units to ensure that their enjoyment of their unit is not affected. Additionally the grounds should be free of cigarette debris.

I am an excellent resident and take good care of the property. I pay my rent on time all the time. Can you waive my late fee this one time?

Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to waive a late fee for anyone. Fair Housing laws require that we treat all of our residents equally. We cannot decide if one resident is more deserving than another of paying late charges, therefore we enforce late charges across the board for everyone. Even if you are just one day late.

How do I submit a maintenance request?
If you have an after hours emergency call 911! Then please call our after hours emergency phone line at 616-726-2334.

If your maintenance request is of a routine nature, please go to our website,, and under the “Residents” tab at the top there is a drop menu. Click on “Maintenance Request”.  Fill out the online form, hit submit and the request will be in process. 

Can I get a satellite dish?

Generally, no. We ask that you do not have a satellite dish bolted to the structure of the property whatsoever. We recommend you use cable. For further clarification on our policies regarding satellite dishes, please contact your property manager.

Can I paint a room in my apartment?

No. Unfortunately far too many residents have ruined this for you. We do apologize. However, if you do want a room painted, contact your property manager and make this request. We will arrange to have the room painted by one of our contractors (color must be approvable in advance by our property manager) and you must pay for the work in advance of it being completed. Again, call you property manager for details.

Can I sublease my apartment?

No. Qwest Property Management does not permit subleasing. However, if you absolutely need to move, contact your property manager and they will go over your early termination options. It may be possible to end a lease early without being in default of the lease.

Do you require Renters Insurance?
It is STRONGLY recommended that all residents have a renters insurance policy to cover themselves and their personal property. The owner’s insurance only covers the property itself. None of your personal property is covered. For example, if a water pipe were to break and flood your home, the owner’s insurance would cover the damage to the home, but would not pay for any damage or loss to your personal property. Additionally, if you were to accidently cause damage (fire, flood, etc.) the home owner’s insurance would pay to have the home repaired. However, it is possible that the home owner’s insurance company would look to recoup their loss through subrogation. In other words, they might sue you for financial damages. If you have a renters insurance policy your carrier would likely defend you in this situation. Renters insurance is generally very inexpensive, and it is STRONGLY recommended that you have a policy.

I want to get a pet. What do I do?
Contact your Property Manager to submit your request. DO NOT get a pet prior to submitting your request. If you do then your new pet will be treated as an unauthorized pet and you will be subject to related fees for such, and the pet will need to be removed.

I want to move out, but my roommate wants to stay. What do I do?
Contact your Property Manager directly to find out what options you may have. If all parties agree, it is possible to remove or add roommates. You may be required to pay a lease administrative fee.

My lease expiration is coming and I want to move out. What do I do?
You are required to give us a 30-day written notice indicating your desire to not renew your lease. You will be obligated to fulfill the terms of your lease, including but not limited to paying all of the rent due, maintaining all utilities, maintaining lawncare, etc., through the lease term. Your Property Manager will also send you our move out instructions which if followed will give you your best opportunity to get your security deposit back.

What happens if I need to break my lease?
Per your lease, there is an early termination option you have. If you follow this clause you can get out of the lease with no negative impact to your credit. In fact, you will have fulfilled all of your obligations and can even expect to receive a positive landlord reference from Qwest Property Management. Contact your Property Manager for details. 

However, if you decide to break your lease without following the early termination option, you will be held liable financially to the fullest extent permitted by law. IT IS ALWAYS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST TO COMMUNICATE YOUR INTENTIONS TO YOUR PROPERTY MANAGER! We are here to help you.

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